The Day RIM Stood Still

Finally got around posting this entry which was sitting in my blackberry notes for more than 4 months!  Well that’s one done in my list of unfinished business! 090507

On my way home from work I was trying to access one of my website using the blackberry internet. I noticed some hiccups in the system. Sometimes it loads the whole page but error started popping up. The first thing that came to my mind-virus! My blackberry’s infected!
I got home and started getting comfy and also noticed that my blackberry doesn’t beep that much..that is to notify me if an email just came in… The emails slowly came into a halt by 10pm which at that time I was already freakin out! Kept on sending myself emails after emails just to check if that damn thing works but no luck.
All the while I was blaming myself for somehow breaking my blackberry and now I can’t get any emails! Kasi before those things started happening I was adding another email profile into my BB then it started acting wierd.
By next morning I was determined to erase all data on my BB and re-provisioned it (Cingular terminology jargon for setting it up!) Did that and tried logging in the BB internet service. Wait… Can’t log in….call cingular rep…recording…damn! It said all blackerry access is down since last night! Crap! It wasn’t me!! Oh sucks…
So with further research I found out that Research In Motion, the company that gave us this wonderful blackberry devices, was having some issues with their network. It was a major disaster! All those crackberry addicts were without a fix for a day!
RIM blames it on some coding error. Don’t want to pursue it any longer. My blackberry works now. That’s all I care.

CNN article about the RIM outage.

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