’tis the season of the ‘ber’ months!


we are on course for the months that ends with “ber”!  On this months marks the start of christmas marketing sales and also the planning for the upcoming holiday.  Back in the Philippines we don’t have to worry about thanksgiving so all the marketing efforts are geared towards the christmas holiday.

Divisoria or as other people call it “dvsoria” probably has all the christmas ornaments and toys under the sun already out on sale.  I can only see it from the pinoy tv news or internet pictures which makes me homesick eventhough I don’t frequent the area in buying things.  Maybe once in a while I visit dvsoria pero how often can you visit the place if you practically live in dvsoria?  Opo. I’m born and raised in Tondo, Manila at smack right in the middle of it. Mismong sa palenke ng dvsoria. Asuncion-Padre Rada-Sto Cristo-Elcano-Zabala-Wagas and all those tondo street names.

ayan! nawala na ang topic ko… lol!

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