Watch Instantly ng Netflix

Gets ko sa email kanina ang notice ng Netflix na ginawa na nilang unlimited ang viewing pleasure ko. Nice!  This is one of the things I like about this service. Yea..yea..a couple of post ago bad trip ako sa service nila dahil mapanlinlang sila pero may mga times na they shine din naman pala like this one.

Anyways, watch instantly is just one of their services.  You can select any movie out of their 6,000 plus selections and watch it on demand on your computer that’s connected to a broadband service.  Don’t even try viewing it if you have dialup connection. I have a dsl elite connection which should give me 6mb but we all know that I won’t see the day that I reach that threshold.

Ok din naman ang selection nila. You can view some of the old television series like Quantum Leap and some shortfilms and a couple of special interest documentaries.  O Sya..tama na ang plugins! Libreng advertisement na sila sa akin.

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