Weekends-worst enemy of a person trying to loose weight

Hmmm..why not just title it as worst time for a person trying to loose weight? I can, but I’m choosing to name it as a third person instead of a period of time…anyways..

Weekends are the worst enemy in terms of dieting. The workdays are easily controlled by packing lunches or just limiting yourself to the salad bar. On the other hand when weekend comes the variety of places you can bring your family are countless!

 Start with the pizza buffet like cici or the all time favorite the chinese buffet where you can pig out like there no tomorrow.
Have you ever been in a japanese buffet? Even worse! The food there is so good you will overstuff yourself just because of the different flavor sensation.
One of the factors that contribute to this weekend binge is that its actually a family affair. Usually after church or after the regular oriental grocery shopping. Sometimes when we go shopping at the mall. I always managed to make an excuse to eat out.

This weekend is the worst ever! I started off on thursday with a lunch buffet with my katrab. At the chinese buffet near our wrk plc then an invitatuion came from a gang of friends for a firday buffet lunch! Fine. But here some saturday with a post wedding invite where the gathering is like a feast by itself! Cool! All my bulate are probably rejoicing right now!

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