WordPress migration project no.2-revisited

Just had a rude awakening this weekend. I was just doing it the hard way! If only I had stopped and planned what I was doing i could have save myself hours of misery and dispair.  WordPress is an awesome software that I just didn’t have enough common sense to look and see that it has it’s own import & export feature! Duuhhhhh!! That’s why i was coming up with less than nil on the google search on the query for wordpress database importing problem…because there shouldn’t be any problem! ayyaayaayyy!  So these were the steps that I took to port over or you can tag it as – how to make a mirror site out of my wordpress blog;

  • backup all your wordpress files & folders
  • backup your data using the wp internal export feature (creates an xml file)
  • create a new sql database on your new host
  • ftp your wp backup files & folder to your new host (or do a fresh install)
  • update the config file pointing to your new sql database
  • once you are in the admin screen do an import using your xml backup
  • copy all the plugins to the new host.
  • and you’re all done!

of course some people have shorter ways to do this but this is just my general idea.. and I’m just happy that I have another reason to keep my 1and1 hosting. 

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