Wrong Mistake

Minsan akala mo when you let out your opinion with the intent to help  others feel mo na makakatulong ka sa problem. Sama pala when it blows up on your face. Why I can’t learn from these mistakes i don’t know. It somehow ends up in an intellectual battle which I always try to avoid b/c maybe I’m just a little sensitive? Maybe so but I always stand to be corrected no matter what. It was wrong of me to pattern my lifestyle and insights in life with someone I haven’t seen for a long time. I know I should have assessed the situation alittle more in depth rather than quickly giving my 2 cents. All I wanted was to help but I guess I ended up messing somebody’s head and taking a step back in re-analyzing thier beliefs and outlook in life. For this my sincere apologies and all I can offer is my best wishes on all your endeavours.

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