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Texas Two Step One Sticker Registration

texas two step one stickerI just renewed my car registration using this new system that they started March 2015.  It think its better than having 2 stickers on the windshield.  So just have your safety inspection done before your Vehicle Registration expires. Usually 90 days before your sticker expires would give you a lot of time.

When you do online renewal it does check it automatically in the state database to verify if your car had passed the safety inspection. Your car insurance coverage is verified online as well.

My safety inspection doesn’t expire until 8 months later so the safety inspection validation was approved.

Go to this website for more info.



XGPS-300 GPS Cradle/Aux Battery for Ipod Touch

DUAL XGPS300 GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle came in last month.  Its actually a reward item from one of my cc point program.  Came with car holder and all the needed chargers.  I just needed to download the NavAtlas Apps from itunes and the unit works as promised!  The sound quality is good although my kids didn’t like the computerized or digital voice of the navigation prompts.

One issue though that might annoy me later on.  You need to turn off your wireless to have it in accurate working mode.  There seems to have some kind of conflict with the wireless and the gps signal.  Some people might say “so? you don’t use wireless when you drive” but other geeks like me that have a broadband card working on a Cradlepoint WiPipe might beg to differ…

Sirius-ly? I missed the free 2 weeks!

Wow! that freaking annoucement letter got stuck under my paper pile and the latest letter that I opened turned out to be a thank you note saying thank you for trying Sirius Satellite Radio for free.

Why am I getting the letter? Because I happened to acquire a vehicle with Sirius XM radio capable and of course the previous owner cancelled the subscription but not until after a month or so.  That’s why I got excited when I saw the thank you note but then turned into dismay when I found out it was over.

Oh well. Thank you anyways!

Our Results from clunkers program

I took some notes on gas and milage on my wife’s new car and here it is. It’s really a big difference compared to the 12 mpg Denali!

8/16 8.702g 510m
8/22 9.25g 764m
8/24 7.995g 1031m

764-510=254m divide 254miles with 9.25gallon which equals 27
1031-764=267m divide 267 miles with 7.995g equals 33

So if I calculated this right we have a 27mpg on city and 33mpg on highway!
Oh what a relief!

-11/7/09- on a side note, I was just doing some home filing and noticed that we actually drove the Expedition in around 55,000 miles

the honeymoon is over! Gas prices starting to climb again!

After a few weeks of low gas prices it is starting to climb up. Hopefully it won’t reach the $4 mark. Here are the lastest survey of gas prices in different cities.

Seattle, Washington — $2.00

Los Angeles, California — $1.91

Las Vegas, Nevada — $1.86

Miami, Florida — $1.84

Washington, D.C. — $1.74

Atlanta, Georgia — $1.70

Wichita, Kansas — $1.68

El Paso, Texas — $1.65

Charleston, South Carolina — $1.64

Denver, Colorado — $1.49

Chicago, Illinois — $1.96

Completed my DDC today! yey!

Took me..what…more than 2 months to complete this online defensive driving course?! Why? Procrastination!!!  Until finally I just decided that I will have to finish this thing in one sitting.  Well after some little sitting here and there I just put this weekend aside to finish this thing off.

Now all I have to do is wait for the certificate in the mail. Tapos dadalhin ko doon sa munisipyo ng kalapit barrio namin.  Hopefully I won’t have any more tickets for a while.

Bigat din nito ah! Mahigit isang daan ang binayad ko doon sa minisipyo!  Ang lupit nga.  Pero oks na rin. Matuto ka!  Pero this time ala naman atang akong binili like the last time.

Knight Rider is back! New TV series on NBC starts Sept. 24!

Ok folks! They have Knight Rider the series scheduled to air on September 24, 2008 Wednesday.

Have I mention how i liked the old knight rider and the pilot movie that they showed months ago?

Anyways, the new knight rider series which is the revival of the 1980 TV series about this Trans Am that talks and has artificial intelligence of the latest super computer,of course, in the 80’s concept will be shot not on film but entirely on HDTV cameras.  Since the HDTV units are being sold everywhere and almost the whole population of the US have HDTV capabilites it seems fit for this decision.

Now i guess I’ll have to order my HDTV upgrade…

Makulimlim na pagtatahak sa daan

Makulimlim na daanPapasok na ako sa trabaho at makulimlim ang panahon.  Ito lang ang sarap sa tanghaling pagpasok. Walang masyadong trapik!

Pero one time I tried to leave the house early around 8am-lekba ako! nakakaburyon ang haba ng trapik.

Taking a Long lunch at Discount Tires

Bigla na naman dumami ang tao dito sa dt. Nag long lunch ako today kasi takot na akong idrive yung kotse ko at kita na ang ply ng gulong. Kung ipipilit ko pa eh baka hindi na ako makapag blog pang muli! Lol!
Nung tininingnan ng sales rep yung gulong ko niloko pa ako at tinanong kung slick tires daw ang nakakabit.  Halos wala na nga kasing ply! Samadaling salita-nagatasan na naman ako ng humigit kumulang ng wadalaanda at sekalat. Yun na raw ang pinakamura nila. Wala kasi ng size ng kotse ko sa wally world kya dito na ako nagpunta.
Kanina mga 4 na tao pa lang at alas tres na ng hapon. Ewan ko ba kung saan lupalop nanggaling ang mga ito at nagsulputan na lang bigla.
Wala pa ring kupas ng galing ko sa bwena mano! Kahit hapon may bisa pa rin!

another Stupid way of parking..

stupid parking at the mall
How else can you describe this kind of parking at the mall?  Come on people! If you don’t want to get your new precious vehicle dented and scratched up or something-leave it inside your garage!!! better yet park it inside your living room!

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