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Murphys Law on Accident Insurance Cancellation


It never fails! Just like appliances and electronics warranties that once it expires something bad will happened.  Sucks because once cancelled my accident insurance three months after I had an accident at home! I guess that stupid duck is laughing at me right now since i wasted all those paid premiums for nothing.
Why did I cancelled it in the 1st place? Well that stupid duck asks for ridicioulus amount of paperwork before they can even consider in paying your claim with probably about 2-5% of your medical bills.  That’s only my observation and personal experience though.


always that ‘am i having a heart attack’ feeling

What sucks about this whole thing is that 9 out of 10 times that I had this feeling it turns out to be a false alarm or just a pulled muscle or probably a sleeping arm syndrome.
Sometimes I get tired to thinking this way and I’m sure my better half have had it already.

Still I always think that my time is up or should I still shout and yell ‘I fallen and I can’t get up!’

And for this same reason that I make plans in changing my lifestyle but still procrastinating.

I’m an idiot.

Disoriented and discombobulated

whooooo…. feeling a little disorient today. Have a slight headache and actually feeling a little lightheaded…

Woke up and feeling funny but had put that aside since I have an appointment with my neuro. I thought I was just a little sleepy or got out of the house a little early.

Hmmm… at least I can still type and understand what I’m writing! 🙂

My neuro still firmly believes that i have CTS but i still beg to differ. I guess I’ll have to use that splint everynight and see.

stressed out?

Ugh! Slept around 11p then woke up at 2am! I just opened my eyes and its like I just closed it for a minute because my brain just switched on like it never rested. Man… Mahirap din ang tayo ko. Taga salo na ng tatlong taong nawala. Burned out na nga…

Medical/Dental Insurance Claim Recordkeeping

I’m planning to create a spreadsheet detailing all my medical and dental expenditures and medical claims as well as my dental insurance claims. This project will identify various points like how much of my deductible is being used and if it has been used for the years worth.

It will also help me figure out how much medical expenses thru deductibles and copays I have been spending.

Haagen Dazs reserve flavor-Toasted Coconut!

haagen-dazsHanep! ang sarap! I just tried this flavor from Haagen Dazs (one of my favorite ice cream) and its just swarming with surprises for my taste buds. There are lots of toasted coconut slivers blended with ginger-infused sesame brittle! It’s a perfect combination of ginger and sesame where you will still have that tingling after taste once you finish your last scoop.  If I don’t restrain myself I can finish this whole pint in one sitting!  Even my wife likes the flavor and took a couple of spoonfuls too.  Nag sale kasi sa Albertsons and I was there last night looking for munchies for the friday family DVD night.  Definitely recommended by yours truly

leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava

I can look it up in the internet and beat my self to death trying to find out more about this damn disease that struck my sis but I’m just happy to hear the good news that she will be ok and will be with us for a long time!

This will be my christmas gift and I thank God for taking care and watching over her….

Weekends-worst enemy of a person trying to loose weight

Hmmm..why not just title it as worst time for a person trying to loose weight? I can, but I’m choosing to name it as a third person instead of a period of time…anyways..

Weekends are the worst enemy in terms of dieting. The workdays are easily controlled by packing lunches or just limiting yourself to the salad bar. On the other hand when weekend comes the variety of places you can bring your family are countless!

 Start with the pizza buffet like cici or the all time favorite the chinese buffet where you can pig out like there no tomorrow.
Have you ever been in a japanese buffet? Even worse! The food there is so good you will overstuff yourself just because of the different flavor sensation.
One of the factors that contribute to this weekend binge is that its actually a family affair. Usually after church or after the regular oriental grocery shopping. Sometimes when we go shopping at the mall. I always managed to make an excuse to eat out.

This weekend is the worst ever! I started off on thursday with a lunch buffet with my katrab. At the chinese buffet near our wrk plc then an invitatuion came from a gang of friends for a firday buffet lunch! Fine. But here some saturday with a post wedding invite where the gathering is like a feast by itself! Cool! All my bulate are probably rejoicing right now!

Tips on this Texas Summer Heat at your house.

We just spent last weekend at the mercy of the summer heat.  The temperature is just around 107F but inside the house especially at the 2nd floor it feels like hell! (not that I have been there for a while!)

So dear people, here are some basic tips on surviving the summer heat and your electric bills.

  • Wind/Fan turbines – those are the ones installed in your attic.  It helps the circulation of hot air and reduces the attic temperature.
  • 78 degrees thermostat setting – Somehow its the magic number for all thermostat setting in the household. Imagine if you have a cathedral ceiling? How long will it take your HVAC to reach the 78 degrees mark? ouch!

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Amoxicillin overdose?

AmoxicillinI’m just so bad in counting those tid or bid instructions.  especially when I had to take the initial dose without even thinking of what the upcoming times will be when it’s time to take the next dose.  There were times that I had to wake up around 2am to take the freakin medicine.
Well today I just made a mistake in my dose. I took the 2x a day medicine with the 3x a day thinking it was part of the regiment. Crap! imagine 875m of antibiotics in less then half a day! I think i felt a ringing in my ear after a few hours when the pill started to take effect. Whew! gotta skip a few hours to get back on track.

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