stressed out?

Ugh! Slept around 11p then woke up at 2am! I just opened my eyes and its like I just closed it for a minute because my brain just switched on like it never rested. Man… Mahirap din ang tayo ko. Taga salo na ng tatlong taong nawala. Burned out na nga…

Weekends-worst enemy of a person trying to loose weight

Hmmm..why not just title it as worst time for a person trying to loose weight? I can, but I’m choosing to name it as a third person instead of a period of time…anyways.. Weekends are the worst enemy in terms of dieting. The workdays are easily controlled by packing lunches or just limiting yourself to… Continue reading Weekends-worst enemy of a person trying to loose weight

Amoxicillin overdose?

I’m just so bad in counting those tid or bid instructions.  especially when I had to take the initial dose without even thinking of what the upcoming times will be when it’s time to take the next dose.  There were times that I had to wake up around 2am to take the freakin medicine. Well… Continue reading Amoxicillin overdose?