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super init! parang oven!

Grabeee!! Super init sa labas! Lunch time ko so lumabas ako ng building namin at pagbukas ko ng pinto hanep ang salubong ng hangin. Whoooo! Sana nasa beach ako ngayon!

Social Network Webinar

Last thursday I had to stay home for a few hours to attend a webinar held by one of the prestigious SEO institution in the US.  The webinar was scheduled for an hour but due to a lot of topic to cover which the host went thru generally, the extra 20 min was still not enouigh to cover even the basic stuff about doing SEO work utilizing the social network.

Still it gave me a broader insight on what is currently out there and what lies ahead.

I still need a lot of explorations that I have to do so I can fully get a grasp of things.  The SEO work is really a job by itself.

Interesting thing about seo is that you are partly gambling or betting on the results that google will bring on your hard work which the end result or payout is the SERP ranking or search engine result page.

asar bwiset inis dahil sa hindi mainstall ang dsl

nagpalagay pa naman ako dito sa trabaho ng sarili kong linya para masolo ko itong dsl tapos ayaw naman gumana. siguro hindi nilagay ang buong line dito sa box. haay nako..bayaan ko na lang.

akala ko pa naman mas bibilis ang speed ng internet ko…balik wireless ulit.

-update 12/05/08-  IT IS NOW WORKING!!!!
Ang tanga-tanga ko talaga!!! Pumasyal dito yung tech namin ng digital phones tapos tinuro ko yung problema ko. tinesting yung line-ok naman daw. Sabi ko ayaw gumana eh! Test sya ulit. Ok daw.

Pag-alis nya inopen ko yung self-testing ng AT&T DSL tapos the same error when I tried installing ethernet connection…teka…teka..TEKAAAA!! aha! i remember now! dinisable ko pala yung local connection doon sa network setting a while back! Ay jajo! Enabled ko nga sya at PRESTO! connected na! INUTTTIILLL!!! hehehehhe!

Bank Bail out-DISD layoffs-New VPS-random thoughts

i’m just sitting here at mcdo eating breakfast and this random thoughts came to me…

New stuff to work on. I just signup for another vps (virtual private servers or virtual dedicated servers) para sa otrab ko. Sikret project para sa ikauuinlad ng kaalaman.
Na-provisioned na ang vps kaninang madaling araw dahil akala ko hindi pumasok ang bayad. Oks naman. Waiting na lang ako sa dns propagation para maupdate ko ang nameserver sa isang test domain.
Ang galing ano?! Knows ko ba talaga yung mga pinagsusulat kong yan o kyeme lang?  Bunga ata nang maraming oras, araw at buwan na walang patumanggang pagaaral yan!
Minsan nga hindi ko na alam ang goal ko sa isang test project I get lost in translation. 😉

Next naman. Approve na ata ang 700B bail out para sa mga banko, na nagpautang ng nagpautang pero hindi sigurado kung makakabayad dahil syempre sindikato na naman yan, pero ala na atang ligtas ang economy sa recession and going to depression na? Patay!!

Disd-daming malalay off na teacher. Actually mga non-contract workers muna ang napag-tripan ilay-off.  Katuwiran ng DISD they need to layoff people to make room for reshuffling from different districts na may surplus. Ska they need to reduce the DISD $84 million budget deficit that was recenlty disclosed.

Hrap na talaga ng buhay.

Tondo News blog and forum

I decided to create another blog and fill it with my favorite keyword.
I was just happy that most of my sites are being listed if not in the 1st spot then at least in the first page!  Ok- I know. I need to factor in the number of pages that I’m competing against. Do you think I care at the moment? I’m just content that my selected keywords are being crawled in my sites so I guess I’m actually doing something right-eh?

Puyat pa rin Part2

Kakain muna bago babalik sa class. Medyo hilo pa rin sa antok pero ok na na konti ang pakiramdam ko.
Mamaya sa kuwarto lang kami at pareho kaming puyat ng katrabaho ko.

Sayang din ang trip kasi ang ganda pa naman dito sa Tampa. Kaso di ko naman feel ang maglamyerda kung may gagawin work related the next day.

Isang entry ng nabuburyon na tao…

Habang nasa airport ako at hinihintay ko ang katrabaho ko. Papunta kami sa isang seminar/workshop..

Waiting at the airport

Waiting at the airport

Malapit ng mag board ang flight pero wala pa ang kasama ko. Late pa rin tapos tinatawagan ko wala naman sumasagot! Tangina nya bahala sya.

Ang aga ko na ngang magising para lang wala akong problema sa flight tapos eto pa ang dadatnan ko?

Ano ako baby sitter na tatawagan ko pa sya para lang mag update. Ang lapit lang ng airport sa kanila tapos hindi pa nakakapag check in sa ticket counter?. Tiiibaaay!!!

Lipat bodega at linis offsite storage

Akala ko lusot na ako dito sa paglilipat ng storage pero at the last minute nagkasakit pa ang 1st lady ng banyera at naatasan akong mamuno sa mga kargador papunta doon sa storage unit namin. Buti na lang at mahangin dahil mainit ang sikat ng araw. Nalinis din naman ang lumang opis at nailipat na sa tabi ng main ang file room.

Pero at the same time nagkapagsisi din dahil hindi ko na-oversee yung pagpack ng mga files ko at inasa ko na lang kay big future ang pagaasikaso. Syempre sabit na rin si LB …kaya hilo ako sa kakahanap ng file boxes ko para masiguro kung kasama sa archiving process…

Annoying Office Habits!

Business Basics
How Loud Is Too Loud?
Tara Weiss, 07.10.07, 3:00 PM ETWhile working at a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin, Angela Kargus became intimately acquainted with a co-worker’s personal life. Kargus learned about her fertility problems, that her dog urinates all over the carpet and that she does indeed have a regular menstrual cycle.

You’re right to think these are the kind of personal details shared over a cup of coffee or on a friend’s couch. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Kargus and her co-worker aren’t even friends. But her co-worker is a classic workplace loud talker. She yapped on her cellphone throughout the day with friends and, quite frequently, her mother.

This probably sounds familiar. Office loud talkers are everywhere, and the worst part is, they probably don’t even realize they’ve been labeled as such. To the unknowing, here’s a tip: Proper decorum calls for people to take personal conversations outside the office or into the hallway, especially since so many workplaces are in an open format where only top managers have offices (and doors they can close).

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Quickbooks IIF file import -done!

Feeling good! Looking good! lolz!  I just have this special feeling of accomplishment today. Work related..yea..wierd! hehehhe! Anyways, I have a project that I was planning to do for the looongest time and finally got around it.  It involves integrating data from one program to another but the raw data itself was the main problem.  data files are well known to be manipulated in one form or another but this particular project of mine had to go to a series of data extractions and calculation in numerical and text concatenation. I even had to call on the power of vlookup function  in excel and slew of other formulas i borrowed from the ol’ trustful google search. I had to deal with the military time conversion to standard time and….. ok..fine..i guess you get the picture..

So after the data had been prep it was time to dig in the Quickbooks help index.
Got the importing invoice topic…pretty detailed explanation..followed the example in creating an iif file..cut & paste data..saved the file..import..nothing…
tried it again..import..nothing…damn!
read help manual again..look at iif data…CRAP! you freakin forgot to put the ENDTRNS word!

ok..fixed..saved…import..YES!! it works!! 

and now problem 1 has been solved! 29868764 problems more to go!

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