Dumating ang nobya ko – Novelty Song

I can’t seem to complete that song we used to sing when I was young.

It goes something like this…

Dumating ang Nobya ko.
Remedyos ang pangalan
Minasdan ko binti nya


and then something like..

Nataranta and TT ko..naKnt ko ang Lola nya!

anyone can complete that song?  LOL!!



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  1. Do-mating ang girfriend ko
    Re-medios ang ngalan nya
    Mi-nasdan ko ang legs nya
    Fa-futing-futi fala!
    So-solohin ko na ba?
    La-lamasin ko na ba?
    Ti-tirahin ko na ba?
    Do-mating ang lola nya!


    Repeat if necessary

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