The sunset – prelude to a new day



I love watching the sunset. It just give me that warm feeling that seems to wash away all the things that happened today and gives you hope for a better day tomorrow.

Just watching the sun goes down feels like it slowly takes all the burden i have been carrying and brings it down to the horizon.  It also give me some time to contemplate on all the things that happened today and finds meaning to its outcome and plan a better tomorrow. deep… Saan ko ba hinuhugot it??!!!! LOL!

Though my wife likes the sunrise better and of course never had to argue with that!

Texas Two Step One Sticker Registration

texas two step one stickerI just renewed my car registration using this new system that they started March 2015.  It think its better than having 2 stickers on the windshield.  So just have your safety inspection done before your Vehicle Registration expires. Usually 90 days before your sticker expires would give you a lot of time.

When you do online renewal it does check it automatically in the state database to verify if your car had passed the safety inspection. Your car insurance coverage is verified online as well.

My safety inspection doesn’t expire until 8 months later so the safety inspection validation was approved.

Go to this website for more info.



SELECT & DELETE sql command


Oh crap! I just played with some sql commands in one of my sql database for a directory and articles website.
I have been neglecting that website for quite a while..umm like more than a year? 🙂

So i decided to check out the articles submitted and when I looked at the Unregisted Users it was 87900+ rows! OMG! and the damn GUI with the directory script suxx to high heaven!  Well probably because I never really took the time to learn that script anyways.

Peruse the internet and saw some tips to use the mysql database directly and run some commands.

in searching I used ’email’ LIKE  ‘’ with the SEARCH and DELETE commands.

It just shows how dumb I am and shallow to get so excited with the petty accomplishment.  Still..It felt good! LOL!

New Year 2015 – Happy?

Here comes the new year 2015! But how come its grief that I feel and not happiness? Why ? because another loved one had passed away…. May her soul rest in peace…
grief in 2015

York photo mailer

I just found one of their roll film mailers when cleaning up my filing cabinet.
I had used them for a long time and it’s actually nice to see the actual developed photos come out alive from my old 35mm film camera.


Hello again my Tatay

dizzyMiss you!
Pero pinag-tripan nyo na naman ako ano?
Hilong Talilong ako sa kahahanap ng wallet ko kagabi at akala ko nalaglag at sure ako na I looked everywhere including that jacket where I found it this morning.
Thanks for reminding me pero I never forget po yung araw na yon kaya kahit ilang taon pa…same feeling pa rin po…..

Goodbye my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250

thanks for all the converted videos you helped me to port over.  SnapTream Beyond TV was awesome when it first came out.  A Personal Video Recorder on my pc before DVR came out in consumer market.Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250

Bakit nga ba ganyan ang pag-ibig – Becca Godinez

Feeling nostalgic! LOL!

Practice What You Preach!



I wish I can follow and do those things but I’m only human!  But what annoys me is that when people post this and thinks they are infallible.



Murphys Law on Accident Insurance Cancellation


It never fails! Just like appliances and electronics warranties that once it expires something bad will happened.  Sucks because once cancelled my accident insurance three months after I had an accident at home! I guess that stupid duck is laughing at me right now since i wasted all those paid premiums for nothing.
Why did I cancelled it in the 1st place? Well that stupid duck asks for ridicioulus amount of paperwork before they can even consider in paying your claim with probably about 2-5% of your medical bills.  That’s only my observation and personal experience though.


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