Happy Birthday Nanay!

Happy Birthday Nanay! Miss u!Happy Birthday Nanay

Lionel Area 51 locomotive

Tried my luck on bidding at eBay on that Lionel Area 51 locomotive and remote.

Of course I didnt win since I not really savy with that ebay bidding stuff.

But wait!

Gone crazy and bought the whole Lionel Area 51 train set! Aahhhhhhh! Been looking at the one on Amazon for a while and just for the heck of it I decided to buy it.

So it came in today and couldn’t wait to try it out. Love the sound effects! I still have to play around with it tomorrow morning. For now I need to sleep to rest for work tomorrow.


Donna Summers – Whispering Waves (mellow mode)

WTF???  Well..heard this song and it kept me calm today… heheheh!

Polar express 7 feet downfall!

It’s happened! I was testing out the tracks with the full train set and was trying to adjust some derailing issue when a quick turn of the locomotive ended up falling from the shelf!

Ahhhhhhh! I had to run over the fallen polar express like its a small child of mine all worried and hoping it ok.

So far it’s still running! Not sure what the extent of the damage is but still crossing my fingers!

O gauge shelf track layout

Yay! I finally got up my ass and started to put up those shelves on the wall of my home office!
Had been planning this for weeks now and finally got the urge to start and finish it.
Well it’s not yet completely done since a lot of stuff needs to get done like putting in more L-brackets to strengthen the hold and brace it with crown molding just like how john from ulvr.com had it done.

I still have a long way to go and need to buy more Lionel O gauge tracks to complete my model train shelves tracks layout.

Also, anyone can lend me a brad nailer? 🙂


Char-Broil Model No. 463453305 Side Burner replacement

The side burner on my Char-Broil needs to be replaced so I found this part from the company’s website listing

CharBroil burner Part No. 7000037Its part number 7000037 for $9.99  easy install. just 2 wing nut screws but you have to buy the wingnut from homedepot or lowes.

Here’s a coupon for 15% but you have to hurry because it will expire December 31, 2013!

Ay Tatay! Late na ulit ako…

tatayNako Tay.. kailan kaya ako pwedeng mag-retire?  Lagi na lang akong late mangamusta sa inyo eh. Pero I was thinking about you on that day. Promise! kahit ilang days na ang nakaraan I still managed to make tirik ng kandila.  Just so that you have that light to guide you papunta sa bahay namin and see your apos.

Ok po naman kaming lahat.  Kwento na lang ang naririning ng bunso ko tungkol sa yo.  Pero one thing is for sure. Halos pareho na raw tayo siguro ng tyan sabi ng bunso ko! Hehehhe.  Musta na kyo ng Nanay dyan?  Miss ko rin sya……  🙁

Beef stew with egg noodle at que hong

pho-que-huong-beef-stewJust destroyed a big bowl of S6 which is the beef stew with egg noodles at pho que hong! Awesome noodle bowl! The beef were tender but this time the soup base is a little too oily.
Now hitting bobaland with some mango smoothee with coffee tapioca pearl!

How long do you need to keep your phone bills?

I have been in a mission to clean up the clutter in my home office.  One of the major contributor in this clutter are bills and invoices.

Let focus on the phone bill for now.
phone-billsThis bastards grew like crazy as soon as my kids started growing up and have their own cellphones.

My advice on phone bill storage – just shred them after you had paid them since you already acknowledge and confirm that everything is right once you had paid it.

If you feel the hoarder genes kicking in just scan them babies and burn them on a cd so you can have them forever! 🙂



Happy Birthday & Happy Father’s Day 2013 Tatay!

Tatay..sorry po at ngayon lang ako nakabati sa inyo ng Happy Birthday.  Naging buzy na naman po itong anak nyo sa sandamak mak na trabaho.  Pero kahit papaano nagparamdam kayo sa akin noong birthday nyo.  Ibang klase din ang dating!  Salamat po ulit sa guidance at pagaalaga sa amin lahat. Love you and miss you ‘tay.tatay-candle2013

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