Dumating ang nobya ko – Novelty Song

I can’t seem to complete that song we used to sing when I was young. It goes something like this… Dumating ang Nobya ko. Remedyos ang pangalan Minasdan ko binti nya … etc… and then something like.. Nataranta and TT ko..naKnt ko ang Lola nya! anyone can complete that song?  LOL!!    

Puyat again.  2x na po!

  Ano ba Ito?!  It’s been 2 days na that I had been waking up around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Sobra talaga!  I’m fine after waking up since it feels like there’s a light bulb that was switch on and my freakin synapses are so active.  Come 11am and I feel like that… Continue reading Puyat again.  2x na po!

Pigeons – on the path in getting back to Kalapati hobby!

Tangina! kating kati na akong magstart ulit mag-alaga ng kalapati! haaaiist!  Planning stage pa rin hanggang ngayon ang pag gawa ko ng pigeon loft. malaki naman bakuran ko pero start muna akong ng isang maliit na loft. tapos kung mag payoff ang pag-aalaga ko then I’ll build a bigger one! -Update 9/16/15- I just found… Continue reading Pigeons – on the path in getting back to Kalapati hobby!

New Year 2015 – Happy?

Here comes the new year 2015! But how come its grief that I feel and not happiness? Why ? because another loved one had passed away…. May her soul rest in peace…

York photo mailer

I just found one of their roll film mailers when cleaning up my filing cabinet. I had used them for a long time and it’s actually nice to see the actual developed photos come out alive from my old 35mm film camera.