Being brave and installing Windows 7 on my Duron 1.2ghz

The last time I ran the Windows 7 advisor it choked on my 700+ megs memory with a couple of outdated drivers.  So main concern was the memory requirement. Ran to Fry’s Elec. and scored me a 2 gig ddr 400mhz Dual kit for $70+ (don’t you just love instant gratification at a premium?)

Now running the custom installation – clean installation to be exact.

It was supposed to prompt me for a x32 and x64 installation but just saw a x86 installation. well I guess that would be it since my old computer is still on a Duron 1.2 processor!

It’s currently on the second stage right now..lot more step to go..hope it won’t be too painful…

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  1. SIS 900 Lan driver installed – had some problems installing this driver. Downloaded from the SIS site ver1.19 and ran the setup file. works like a charm!

    Norton 360 installed

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