Caffeine-Ginseng Overload

Woke up around 3am today. I’m not sure if it’s just old age or too many things on my mind but I could never go back to sleep. So just watched some shows that I recorded on the DVR and catched up on Eureka (old episodes-yuck! delete) and all-time favorite Smallville. Also finished watching that Michelle Yeoh’s Silver Hawk flick.
After I got ready for work,loaded up on my daily dosage of Red Panax Ginseng drink and drove to work. Feeling a little tired of course. Feels like the ginseng’s not kicking in. Got to work and pull out 2 Taster’s Choice coffee sampler. Poured it in a cup and added a few ounces of water cuz’ I’m trying to mimic the expresso effect. added some sugar…damn…now I’m fully loaded with enough juice to run the marathon! Jezz! Oh least I’m not sleepy anymore..

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