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Dmarc Record – Email woes

I finally got tired of seeing multiple notifications of rejected emails from one of my domains and decided to research the best way to fix it. Bad call.

I was suddenly in the path of the long and winding road of all the mess that I have created for the past few years.

Different domain registry, multiple hosting company, nameservers pointing to another VPS…those were the days when I was into the backside of this digital environment.

Anyways, just to quickly fix this issue with the email rejection I just added a dmarc record on my dns to start monitoring where those spam are coming from and hopefully block them.

Happy New Year 2021!

Goodbye 2020!
It has been a rough year for everyone.
I know all those things are not going away magically but just a hope that we will leave all those hardships, sickness and everything that had happened the past year and bring us a normal year.

I wish all the best to y’all!

Stay safe people!

Top Loading Washing Machine Water Level


I grew up with the old school top loading washing machine with the agitator where the water fills up and covers the whole wash load. Then you watch it spin around and get mesmerized by the clothes just swish and swaying in that deep water.

How much water? umm probably around 40 or more gallons of water. And you always feel that more water means more cleaner clothes. Well since our old school agitator washing machine broke and recently purchased the newer High Efficiency Top Loader washing machine I have been skeptical if it really cleans as our old agitator type washing machine.

I have tried peeking in the new washing machine a few times and I keep on wondering if it does clean with less water. Well now I guess there is some study made for that topic of washing machine water level and maybe I can put my mind at ease.

Puyat again.  2x na po!

  Ano ba Ito?!  It’s been 2 days na that I had been waking up around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. 
Sobra talaga!  I’m fine after waking up since it feels like there’s a light bulb that was switch on and my freakin synapses are so active. 

Come 11am and I feel like that picture on this post. 2nd cup of coffee and my eyes feels like it’s drooping like dopey. 

Kailangan ko ng pampagising!

Mayron ka ba dyan? Bhwahahahahha! 

Pigeons – on the path in getting back to Kalapati hobby!

pigeonTangina! kating kati na akong magstart ulit mag-alaga ng kalapati! haaaiist!  Planning stage pa rin hanggang ngayon ang pag gawa ko ng pigeon loft. malaki naman bakuran ko pero start muna akong ng isang maliit na loft. tapos kung mag payoff ang pag-aalaga ko then I’ll build a bigger one!

-Update 9/16/15-

I just found out from my damn HOA committee that I cannot raise, breed, or keep any poultry in MY FREAKING OWN BACKYARD!!  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Putang ina!!!!!! Buwiset!!!! Haaaaayyyyyyooooooppppp!


New Year 2015 – Happy?

Here comes the new year 2015! But how come its grief that I feel and not happiness? Why ? because another loved one had passed away…. May her soul rest in peace…
grief in 2015

York photo mailer

I just found one of their roll film mailers when cleaning up my filing cabinet.
I had used them for a long time and it’s actually nice to see the actual developed photos come out alive from my old 35mm film camera.


Hello again my Tatay

dizzyMiss you!
Pero pinag-tripan nyo na naman ako ano?
Hilong Talilong ako sa kahahanap ng wallet ko kagabi at akala ko nalaglag at sure ako na I looked everywhere including that jacket where I found it this morning.
Thanks for reminding me pero I never forget po yung araw na yon kaya kahit ilang taon pa…same feeling pa rin po…..

Lionel Area 51 locomotive

Tried my luck on bidding at eBay on that Lionel Area 51 locomotive and remote.

Of course I didnt win since I not really savy with that ebay bidding stuff.

But wait!

Gone crazy and bought the whole Lionel Area 51 train set! Aahhhhhhh! Been looking at the one on Amazon for a while and just for the heck of it I decided to buy it.

So it came in today and couldn’t wait to try it out. Love the sound effects! I still have to play around with it tomorrow morning. For now I need to sleep to rest for work tomorrow.


Polar express 7 feet downfall!

It’s happened! I was testing out the tracks with the full train set and was trying to adjust some derailing issue when a quick turn of the locomotive ended up falling from the shelf!

Ahhhhhhh! I had to run over the fallen polar express like its a small child of mine all worried and hoping it ok.

So far it’s still running! Not sure what the extent of the damage is but still crossing my fingers!

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