Caffeine-Ginseng Overload

Woke up around 3am today. I’m not sure if it’s just old age or too many things on my mind but I could never go back to sleep. So just watched some shows that I recorded on the DVR and catched up on Eureka (old episodes-yuck! delete) and all-time favorite Smallville. Also finished watching that… Continue reading Caffeine-Ginseng Overload

Web Host Call Center

Crap! Just spent about 10 embarrassing minutes with a call center rep from the Phil. Kung ano-ano kasi ang inilalagay ko doon sa website ko like some tagalog names tapos ni sa hinagap hindi ko naisip na sa Pinas pala ang call center nitong hinayupak na webhost ko. aaaayyyy… heheehh!

Eminent Hard Drive reformat

Paktay nah! There’s no other recourse but to reformat my old hard drive and reinstall Windows Xp.  I think i read somewhere on how to re-install windows xp without doing the activation process. Was it copy 2 files from the system folder and then recopy back to the newly installed windows? let’s try that…

free streaming music

free streaming music Came across this site when I was looking for a good mp3 plug-in.  Cool beat and mixing. Let me try to stream this… Simply Jessie-Remix