Eminent Hard Drive reformat

Paktay nah! There’s no other recourse but to reformat my old hard drive and reinstall Windows Xp.  I think i read somewhere on how to re-install windows xp without doing the activation process. Was it copy 2 files from the system folder and then recopy back to the newly installed windows? let’s try that…

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  1. Done it! Last night while I was fooling around with the stupid L7 got into formatting & re-installing Windows xp. I was following an instruction from the web on how to re-install Windows XP without the hassle of activation and followed the step to the end. USELESS! didn’t f^$K%ng Work! Maybe it worked on some poeple but it just didn’t work on mine! You know the WPA.DBL and WPA.BAK file that you have to copy & copy back? Piece of shit advice! Had to call in for activation. Good thing I have a legit copy -hahah! Now I just need to re-install my other crap back into my computer…oh how fun….

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