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Quickbooks IIF file import -done!

Feeling good! Looking good! lolz!  I just have this special feeling of accomplishment today. Work related..yea..wierd! hehehhe! Anyways, I have a project that I was planning to do for the looongest time and finally got around it.  It involves integrating data from one program to another but the raw data itself was the main problem.  data files are well known to be manipulated in one form or another but this particular project of mine had to go to a series of data extractions and calculation in numerical and text concatenation. I even had to call on the power of vlookup function  in excel and slew of other formulas i borrowed from the ol’ trustful google search. I had to deal with the military time conversion to standard time and….. ok..fine..i guess you get the picture..

So after the data had been prep it was time to dig in the Quickbooks help index.
Got the importing invoice topic…pretty detailed explanation..followed the example in creating an iif file..cut & paste data..saved the file..import..nothing…
tried it again..import..nothing…damn!
read help manual again..look at iif data…CRAP! you freakin forgot to put the ENDTRNS word!

ok..fixed..saved…import..YES!! it works!! 

and now problem 1 has been solved! 29868764 problems more to go!

wowowee wardrobe malfunction

Wowowee opening show nagkaroon ng wardrobe malfunction! Kawawa naman yung si juniper. Pero sino kaya ang engeng na nagsabi sa kanyang magsuot ng tube blouse sa pagsayaw?
Bakas sa mukha ni willie ang panlulumo…penalty na naman ito…tsk..
hindi ko feel maglagay ng link o mag post ng video kasi parang may sense of moral responsibility pa ata ako…ngek! Ok..sige ngayon lang..bukas ulul na ulit ako. Hehheh!

wordpress migration project no.2

2 points!
Got the wordpress migration project working on the new host. Tried to work it out on one&one dot com but I’m having problems in importing the sql file to the new host database. Getting too frustrating just trying to figure out the error messages that myphpadmin gives out.
Go dad dot com on the other hand imports easily with just a few minor tweaks on the raw sql file.

Same prelim task just like the joomla migration project. ftp the whole folder from the old to the new host and create a new database.

Last project.. Coppermine photo gallery port over!
Hmmm.. Maybe next week or so… Want to enjoy my weekend…

Joomla component Gallery2

Been a good day today! Installed 2 gallery components on my joomla
powered site and both works! It was planning to pick 1 but now I don’t have
the heart to uninstall these 2 working programs!
You can call me a compulsive application installer.

May 2
Damn it! Spoke too soon! Now I’m having problems with the damn
component!  The stupid thing won’t show my uploads!!!!

Flight back to Texas with goodies!

Things and food stuff packed and ready to go. Got all those goodies from Philippine Bread House at Newark Ave like macapuno ensaymada, ube ensaymada, taisan, hopiang baboy, haleyang ube, and lots of other kakanin.  Had to pack them in a way na hindi sila magmumukhang pizza pie pag dating namin sa bahay. Wala kasing mga ganito sa lugar namin kaya nag-load up na ako ng marami!

Here’s a review from New York Times on the Phil. Bread House

Snow everywhere!

Kids liked the idea of snow everwhere! They haven’t seen this much snow at our place so they enjoyed every minute of it. They went to the school ground near the bajar’s place and took boogie boards and they just went sliding on the snow. The playground has that little embankment that slopes in a nice angle whereas you can just slide down.

I even tried it myself. Funnnnnn!!!!

High wind at 50mph in North Texas

Had to do some errands today from Plano to Garland and at around noon it feels that the winds has been picking up speed. Here’s the weather forecast for today.

A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect with winds expected to be gusting over 50 mph across North Texas during the day today as a cold front and dry line sweep through the area. Blowing dust is likely. Temps top out in the low to mid 70s and then fall into the low to mid 60s by late this afternoon. Relatively quiet weather returns for the next several days.

It had made quite some damages on my backyard. 2 sections of my cedar picket fence had came down which borders my property line and my neighbor. The other side is currently being work on by this high winds and should come down too. That will be about 3 sections. Sooooo..I guess I’ll be buzy tomorrow to fix those damn fences!


blog ni nano permalink changes

trying a new strategy from those Isulong SEOPH blog tips. I had the default setup before whereas the permalink uses numbers and symbols ( i used to call them characters). Now trying to see if the new permalink using the numerical date and post title combo will pull through. Still working on a good category scheme.

Nakatsamba ng sagot!

Sarap talaga ng feeling pag feel mong may natitira pang konting galing sa utak mo. Kahit katiting lang.
Kanina kasi tinanong ako ng katrabaho ko kung paano isolve ang problema nya. Yung formula nya kasi nag-re-reference sa dalawang cel na kailangang to remain constant and 1 part of the formula should change depending on the placement. Buti na lang at napag-laruan ko na before yung absolute reference & relative references kaya walang ka-gatol-gatol na binigyan ko ng tip kung ano ang kailangan nyang gawin. Gumana naman ang formula nya ayon sa kagustuhan nya. Syempre palakpak-tenga ako dahil feeling supreme being na naman! hehehhe!

DirecTV 4 School Marketing & Box Top 4 Education

As I open up my kids’ latest 6-weeks report card i saw an envelope from DT. DT has a new marketing strategy that when you signup or renew with them they will donate $100 to your child’s school. Pretty good. Imagine if a lot of families gather and signup for DT service? That’s thousands of dollars for your kids school!  This is what I learned back in my college years how the business should operate. One of the factors in doing business with the community is what help can it give to the people it serves. What can they give back in return aside from the instant gratification of watching your favorite shows. 

I know that some companies has long started a campaign like this. Take for example General Mills Box Tops 4 Education campaign. America’s School have earned over 175 million in 10 years! The way their campaign work is that from your everyday activities like : buying groceries, shopping online and making purchases with a credit card you earned points for your school by collecting those box top points from  hundreds of participating brands.

Ok..ok..and ended up plugging those campaigns now..anyways, it’s actually nice to see that some system works out.

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